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Friday, January 7, 2011

Entrails of a Virgin / Shojo no harawata (1986) +18

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Name: Entrails of a Virgin / Shojo no harawata (1986)
Language: Japanese with English subs
Plot Keywords: Exploitation, Extreme Sadism , Organ Removal, Pinku Eiga
A very weird exploitation flick. The whole film seems to centre round a group of dominating male chauvanists abusing young Japanese models after a photo shoot. After which they are butchered one by one by a mud covered nutter with a gigantic penis who lives in a wharehouse.
Lost in a fog, some fashion photographers and their models enter a mysterious old house, inhabited by a mud caked dick monster that promptly rapes the women and kills the men.

There is panty p***ing wrestling, sex, spunk, gore and a dollop of atmosphere. "Entrails of a Virgin" is perhaps most notorious because of a scene towards the end, when the rapist monster throws a deranged girl a severed arm, which she proceeds to masturbate with, before her entrails are ripped out through her vagina. Indeed, its a pretty amazing scene and not one you are likely to forget, but the rest of the film is pretty standard stuff.

The gore scenes are pretty cheesy and will most likely evoke chuckles rather than disgust, but there does seem to be a strand of dark humour running through the film (inc. some sex scenes), which may account for this. The film exists in a subtitled version, but the plot still doesn't make much sense - I'm not sure what the monster is or what he's doing there, but then, I don't watch these things for their tightly constructed, logical plots. As with most Japanese sex flicks, this one is optically censored in order to blot out any pubic hair!

If you don't mind your horror veering off into the realms of sleazy sex, or indeed, if you don't mind your sleazy sex films veering off into the realms of horror, then you should give this a try - if you prefer the two genres kept separate, or find scenes of rape and sexual violence abhorrent, then you should avoid...but then the title kind of gives you an idea of what to expect, doesn't it?

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