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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lie with Me +18

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Lie with Me (2005)

language: english
Leila (Lauren Lee Smith) is a sexually voracious young woman who connects with men through brief physical encounters. One night at a crowded house party, Leila meets David (Eric Balfour) and its lust at first sight. Later, as she has casual sex with a stranger just behind the house, David and his girlfriend mirror her actions in their car. Leila and David's eyes lock as they watch each other having sex with others, a courtship ritual that initiates their own sexual affair. Seduction is easy and very satisfying. Leila and David get to know each other -- which means being intimate -- in bed, at the park, on the roof, everywhere. For them, and for other members of their generation, sex is a form of communication. But Leila starts to realize that her attachment to David is different from anything she's experienced before, and David is just as serious about her.

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